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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chapter 09 - End of the First Day

I went to the cafeteria and so did everyone else. It was crowded in there; it felt like everyone in the entire school decided to hang out in one place. Masses of people sat on or around the lunch tables. Floods of people streamed from one side to the other side of the great room. While hopelessly searching for my brother, I noticed an empty table. It was mostly quiet in the area, so I sat there and waited for Tony.

Ten minutes seems like an eternity when you wait for someone; but at last I found him. He was talking to two other boys. Both were about the same height as my brother; both kids had black hair and brown eyes. One was far skinner than the other. The other looked older and smiled more. I got up and walked to join them.

I greeted my brother and he began to introduce me.

"This is my brother Mike and he's a freshman." said Tony.

"Hi I'm Ricardo. This is my brother Jeff", said the older looking one.

Jeff he reached out his hand for a shake and said "Hi." in a somewhat goofy laugh.

I shook his hand and Ricardo's as well.

"Hi, are you both in the same grade as Tony?" I asked.

"I am, but Ricardo is a Junior." replied Jeff.

I turned and ask my brother, "How did you guys meet?"

"During lunch," Tony replied. "I needed a place to sit, so I sat with them."

I envied my brother a little; he could always approach anybody. He was good at making friends. I was too, but not as fast as he. And if it came to girls, I wasn’t even in the same league. After a bit, we all began talking about the first day of school.

"Come over here Arman", yelled Jeff as he looked over my shoulder.

I turned and saw a pair of Asian boys standing beside me. In an instant I knew they were Filipino; Pinoys just like me. They had black hair and brown eyes, but both were taller than my brother. One seemed older and the other younger than me; however, their common posture gave them away as brothers.

"What's up Jeff my man?" replied Arman.

"Let me introduce you to our new friends. This is Tony and his brother Mike", said Jeff.

"Hello, I'm Arman and this is my brother Bert."

My brother and I proceeded to shake hands with Arman. However his brother was a bit timid as he only nodded.

We all spoke for a while and found a lot of things in common. We also found out that all of us lived in different areas; Gate one, gate four, and Tori Station. Then everyone left to catch the buses that would take us to our homes.


After getting back to my home I decided to rest on the couch. Today was a big day, but finally it was over. I didn't get too much homework, so I decided to relax for a while. As I lay on the couch, my brother sat next to me and turned on the TV. My body began to diffuse into the furniture, my eye lids came down gently and I slowly started to drift into Neverland. As I began my journey, I heard a few faint words from my brother, "Hey Mike, how can you fall asleep? It’s Gundam time!"

That was the most entertaining first day of school that I would ever have. It's the only first day of school that I will never forget. At the time, I never could have imagined that many of my lifelong friendships started on that day. And that sometimes, your first impressions of people are completely wrong. That day was truly the start of my life as an Okiboy.

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Arman said...

Going on your memory (I lost mine years ago to drugs, injury, enlightenment, etc...), we meet in September of 1984. So as of this month, I've known your geeky ass for 23 years! TWENTY-THREE!! Wow man, just wow...

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