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Saturday, July 28, 2007



The names, places, and the chronology of events have been changed to protect the innocent. Keep in mind this is a work of fiction since good stories are best left to the imagination. Sometimes a little mystery is better that the truth. These stories are inspired by events from my high school life. If you went to Kadena High School in the 80's, you might recall rumors about similar exploits. However if any of the events seem too real, it's just pure coincidence.


I write these stories for the people who had affected my teenage life and to thank them for the memories. The encounters may have been good or bad for me at the time, but in hindsight each episode became a very memorable experience; the culmination of which, helped to make me the man I am today.

This is also a tale about an average group of friends who's knack for fun and survival during those awkward days happen to make a good story. When I joke around with my friends about our days at Kadena High School, we always tend to laugh. There are always those moments that we all remember, that made me wonder if others outside of my close circle of friends would like to hear it. Well if you'd like to read about those tall tales, then these are the stories for you.

Looking back, it's easy to realize that it's really not about how popular you are or who you were seen with at the time. It's about those precious moments of time that you never forget, that gave you inspiration, that made you sad, that made you angry, that made you smile, that made you stronger, and that helped you define who you really are. It's also about the life long friends that you make on the way.

For me, my "right of passage" occurred on a small rock floating on the western hip of the Pacific Ocean.

I am Okiboy Mike and this is my story.


Special thanks to all the Okiboys: Anthony, Chad, Arman, AnthonyM, Tom, Rick, Chris, Joe, Jimmy, Brian, Halex, Greg, Albert, Ed, Bob, Dave, and Don. Thanks to the girls: Becky, Heather, Tina, Chantelle, Jennifer, Beth, HeatherH, Michelle, Maria, Debbie, Kristi, Ronni, Amy, Tish, Tami, Carolyn and Robin. I'd also like to thank all the other unmentioned people in the story whose names I can't remember.

Special thanks to my parents for their love and for letting me hang out with the gang, my kids for being a strong motivating factor, and to my wife for putting up with a guy who talks big, but never finishes anything. Let's hope I can finish this one.


Arman said...

Ahhh, ain't nostalgia grand? Happy and honored to have been part of your memories, Okiboy #1! It's all about the moments, little or otherwise...

Ted? (I think) said...

Great stuff, Okiboy... I can't believe it's been over 20 years since we were all on the Rock. You still have a lot of stories to cover: firecracker wars, giving me and my brother up to the SPs for throwing eggs at you guys, Joe's driving and the annoying dinging bell as he raced down Okinawan freeways, the walks through the cemetery at night, discovering booze... Get on it!

©2007-2008 okisakana@gmail.com - All Rights Reserved.
Please do not plagiarize blog posts and story material from this website.